Love Notes

Sharing a few heartfelt notes from our Elegant Engagements families…

From the beginning of this journey, I thought there was no way this was coming together…  Neil was insane asking you to arrange charter flights to ease the burden on the California grad school friends, but YOU made it all happen!!!!  As the wedding got closer, I grew more and more in awe of you and your team.  I have to tell you, Megan was incredible during the reception too… It’s almost like you two can read minds.  When you took my hands and “centered” me when I was about to lose it just 15 minutes before the ceremony, you felt like a life-long friend and THAT is truly priceless!!!!!  Words are inadequate to express my overwhelming appreciation.  I just wanted you to know that all these little details (that become huge details) were simply perfect.  Their wedding day would never have been as wonderful were it not for you and your team… and that is the honest truth!!!”  Sandi, mother of bride, Wequassett

“My long overdue thanks for the fantastic guidance and coordination of the wedding details for my daughter. Your attention to detail, care, and enthusiasm made their day yet another wonderful experience with Elegant Engagements.  I wish I had a third daughter so we could do this all again!  Your warmth, humor, and overall terrific attitude combined with your expertise certainty deserve to be rewarded!” written by Beth, Mother of Bride, Harwich Port

“Words cannot begin to describe the gratitude we have for you and for ALL of the help you gave us from beginning of the planning through the wedding day and night. You have such a gift and it was an honor to be able to work with you. You helped us bring ideas and fantasies to reality and were able to predict my thoughts so easily, it just made it a complete pleasure for us!” sent from Kelly & Ed, Bride and Groom, Chatham Bars Inn

“We feel a big ‘Allison void’ in our life and can’t tell you enough how much you have meant to us over the past year. You were so much more than a wedding planner, you became a true friend, and that showed in how perfect you made the wedding for us.” written by Samantha & Rob, Bride and Groom, Hydrangea House, Chatham

“Your time, patience, care, professionalism, and expertise allowed us the luxury of knowing that all was taken care of and handled just as we hoped. Simply said, you were invaluable before, during, and after the wedding, and we were blessed to have you.”  written by Lisa & Joel, Parents of Bride, Chatham Bars Inn

“I just wish we had another daughter so we could do it all over again. You are definetly working in the right field… such an easy-going personality, Nicole and I loved you from day one!” emailed from Jeff, Father of Bride, Wychmere Beach Club                                                                                        

“From the moment we met,  I knew how incredibly organized, talented, and creative you were. We clicked on a level that I didn’t think was possible, and felt so incredibly at ease with you through out the entire planning process. You had perfect answers and the best advice for everything big and small, and we were confident that, with you in charge, our wedding would be everything we had ever imagined.   You surpassed every expectation, anticipated every need, and I can personally say that there was not a single moment throughout the entire weekend that I felt an ounce of anxiety or nervous energy knowing you were a text, phone call, or walk away.  We have received so many emails, calls, and texts, since our wedding from guests who were so impressed with the wedding, realizing that every detail was carefully considered and planned for, and YOU are who we have to thank. You made everything possible and made our wedding more perfect than we could have ever dreamed of, and for that we are eternally grateful.” emailed from Hadley, Bride, Sampson’s Island, Cotuit

“I cannot begin to list all the ways big and small that you “made it happen”. You have a wonderful spirit and your calm is infectious.   Smoothing ruffled feathers is no easy trick. You however, did so with a smile and a quiet word. Thank you. I cannot imagine doing your job and maintaining the cool that you do.   Your assistants were terrific too. ”  Elissa, mother of groom, Scraggy Neck, Bourne

“Hi Allison,   I am writing to share my experience with three of your associates, Megan, Sheri, and Amy.   We worked together at the wedding in Wellfleet on July 1st.  These women represented your company extremely well.  They were totally professional, efficient, and a delight to deal with in every way.  They made the event flow easily and smoothly, paving the way for me to do my job in a manner that felt almost effortless.”   Kathleen, vendor, Chequassett Yacht & Country Club, Wellfleet

“Dear Megan, Sheri and Allison,   Thank you SO much for making our wedding such a blast! You make a truly great team. Everything went so smoothly, which was so impressive, and allowed everyone there (ourselves included) to just stay in the present and enjoy every wonderful moment. And on top of that you made the whole planning process so much fun for everyone. We’re so grateful for it! All of our best!” sent from Gigi and Max, bride & groom, Hyannis Port Club

“The Elegant Engagement Team did an outstanding job for us. The commitment to detail was much appreciated. A special shout to Megan and Erica whose calming, smiling personalities kept the wedding party calm and secure that all was going as planned. As mother of the bride, it was much appreciated. ”  Susan, mother of bride, Great Island, Yarmouth
“Allison!  Thank you so so so much for everything. The wedding went SO smoothly and literaly everything was exactly how I had envisioned it!! Amazing and perfect is what I keep saying to describe the day.  Your girls were also UNBELIEVABLE. Everyone couldn’t get over how nice and helpful they were.” Whitney, bride, Quissett Harbor House, Woods Hole
“Allison, You are amazing in every way! Smart, inspirational, calm, caring, creative, assertive and incredibly organized! Your execution was flawless. You made me feel safe and secure knowing that you were always behind the scenes ensuring that everything was perfect for us. You allowed me to thoroughly enjoy the past twelve months of planning instead of getting caught up in all the stuff that tends to create stress and friction. You turned my daughter’s vision into a reality and there’s no price tag you can put on that!  I will miss working with you and already look forward to the next wedding!!”  With love and appreciation, Ellen, mother of bride, Oyster Harbors, Osterville

“ Nothing flowery, just know that we could not have been more delighted with every event — big and small.  The Welcome Party, Ceremony, Cocktail Party, Wedding, After Party, and Brunch. Everything was fabulous, beautiful, fun, fun, fun and EASY.  The reviews are in and comments are consistent….”In case I forget to say it, I thought yours was the loveliest wedding ever, including mine.” and “Amazing, spectacular, warm, deeply personal, moving, fun, over the top, just great. Smiling all day xxxxx.”    We know we could not have accomplished this without your help, guidance and support — and the Elegant Engagements team. We especially appreciate you providing the rainbow at no extra charge.  Two things:   1. If you every need a full-throated reference, please do not hesitate to serve us up. 2. You had better stop by for a cocktail!”  Scott, father of bride, Wianno Club, Osterville

I’m sure your relationship with every client is different.  When the kids and I started the planning process, I gave your name to Justine after friends highly recommended you.  They are both mature, accomplished young professionals; and even though they attend weddings almost every other weekend, neither had ever actually been in a wedding party before.  I don’t think they had any idea of the details that are involved when it gets down to crunch time!  Justine’s maid of honor, Amanda, has been in several weddings.  Amanda told Justine that Saturday morning was the most relaxed, enjoyable “morning of” she has ever been a part of!  I feel, and Justine agreed, that we owe that thanks to you.  With Justine’s last semester, graduation, and move to LA, I was really struggling to get them to simply focus on their invitations, never mind all the other details of their wedding day.  Once you shared your “wedding homework”, it was a life line and turning point for me. I had confidence in every vendor we had hired, but it wasn’t until after that questionnaire that I knew we were going to be just fine. I enjoyed myself thoroughly without a care or worry this past week!”   Susan, mother of groom, Winslow Estate

“I want to send a huge THANK YOU for all that you did last weekend and during the lead-up to our wedding.  It was by far the most special, fun, amazing weekend of our lives.  I don’t think I could have envisioned a more beautiful wedding in my dreams 🙂  Chris and I had an absolute blast and wish we could rewind time and relive the night!  The memories and look of happiness on our parents’ faces the entire night was one of our favorite parts.  Your coordination, positive attitude, sense of calm, enthusiasm and attention to detail are just incredible and contributed to just an amazing wedding – one that was as much fun for my parents and our extended family, as it was for all of our friends.  My mom and Anne were incredibly calm, relaxed and were able to enjoy the entire weekend – same with ME!  A HUGE part of that was your planning and flawless coordination!  Megan was amazing as well – such a big help and full positivity that I loved 🙂  Our wedding night suite at the end of the night was such a surprise with our gifts, slices of wedding cake & champagne waiting.”   Sally, bride, Hyannis Port Club

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Jenny Moloney, Joe Mikos,

Melissa Robotti, Kate McElwee,

Jenny Moloney, Bello